Welcome to the Stoneacre Specialist Blog

Welcome to the Stoneacre Specialist Blog

Welcome to the Stoneacre Specialist Blog; from here on in, we’ll not just be offering some of the finest examples of prestige cars on the market, but also a stream of news, features and the odd car review to cover the specialist vehicle domain.

When it comes to news, we’ll be looking at the latest cars and technology from the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and a whole host of other prestige brands. These news stories will delve into all the details available on an upcoming supercar, luxury saloon or 4x4, looking at such elements as it’s driving capabilities and what’s under the bonnet. We will also explore future plans revealed by manufacturers, as well as any new technology ventures they might be releasing in the future, with hybrid tech becoming very popular in the world of supercars and the like.

In an effort to be more engaging and trivia driven, we’ll also use the blog to look at some of the legends of motoring within the prestige car sector, perhaps appreciating the best V12 supercars of the last few decades or the top-five luxury off-roaders available today. It will also be a good opportunity to fully explore the history and back stories to some of the prestige brands we offer, with many having being steeped in heritage.

The blog will also be a place to keep up with the latest going ons with Stoneacre Specialist itself, with the prestigious arm to Stoneacre Motor Group looking to grow rapidly in the coming months and years and become a staple within the specialist car market.

Here’s to the first of many articles on the Stoneacre Specialist Blog and thanks for visiting.