Jaguar's new F-Pace could start off a whole family of new SUVs

Jaguar's new F-Pace could start off a whole family of new SUVs

Jaguar is planning to create an entire family of SUVs that will run alongside the upcoming F-Pace that will be launched in early 2016, with the potential for a fully-electric model also touted.

The new F-Pace will become Jaguar’s first competitor to go against the likes of BMW’s X and Audi’s Q ranges in order to help expand its sales into a highly charged but incredibly profitable area of the market.

Company insiders have told weekly magazine Autocar: “Don’t think in terms of one more SUV - think of a family of SUVs.”

The smallest of this SUV family could be a possible contender in the compact crossover sector, where Audi will soon launch its Q1 model, and be little more than four metres in length, with more scope for such a car than say a supermini or hatchback.

However, the F-Pace we know is coming early net year is likely to be the largest in the range, with the model the largest Jaguar is willing go before it has detrimental effects on its dynamic and performance abilities.

We can be almost sure to see a coupe crossover model, with Mercedes’ GLE Coupe and BMW’s X4 being recently launched. Audi’s Q6 and Q8 models are also set to enter this area of the market, with BMW’s X6 already well established.

Jaguar F-Pace Concept

Those looking forward to Jaguar’s leap into the SUV sector can also be quietly confident that R and SVR versions of the models will be available in due course. At launch, the most powerful engine option will be the F-Type’s 3.0-litre V6, but more visceral variants would likely use the flagship supercharged 5.0-litre V8 from the Range Rover Sport SVR.

Meanwhile, Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director, has recently stated, “It’s coming”, on the possibility of an electric Jaguar. The British firm has also applied to trademark the name ‘EV-Type’, while it’s applied for a series of patents for technology related to inductive charging, perhaps signalling that work is already under way in developing such a model.

Regarding the F-Pace, from the way Jaguar has been waxing lyrical about the model, we can deduce that despite being a larger car it’ll be very much a driver’s car. This will be largely thanks to the car having underpinnings that utilise technology from the F-Type sports car.

Using this architecture, the F-Pace’s handling and ride abilities could be more than a match for its future competitors, with elements such as a torque vectoring system working with the torque-on-demand all-wheel drive system offering supreme agility in the corners.

Knowledge from developing the F-Type has also made its way into the steering, the SUV getting an electric power-assisted system that has been designed to provide as much feedback as possible.

We’ll see the full production version of the Jaguar F-Pace at September’s Frankfurt motor show, before it goes on sale for early 2016 deliveries.