Infographic: Evolution of the performance car

Infographic: Evolution of the performance car

The rapid and ever-changing evolution of the performance car has been one that many have enjoyed being witness to, especially when getting behind the wheel of such vehicles over the years.

Although the nature and purpose of these cars remain relatively the same since the first true performance cars of the early ‘60s, the manner in which they are developed and built has altered massively, thanks largely to the technological advances we’ve seen over the last few decades.

The development of such components as carbonfibre and hybrid units have pushed the game ahead by lightyears at some points, with the latest generation of hypercars making great use of the latter.

To highlight the advances made over the years - even just in the last few in some cases - we’ve created the graphic below to see the difference between our performance car icons and their modern contemporaries. Names include Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini, while our choice of Porsche to go up against the formidable 918 Spyder brought on some debate and it’s still up in the air whether a certain F40 rival should have been in its place…

Performance car evolution