Prestige Car Finance

Car finance is often a key element when it comes to purchasing your dream prestige car, and at Stoneacre Specialist, we offer a highly professional service to ensure your every need is catered to when taking out prestige car finance.

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, we bring a great deal of knowledge to the table when it comes to prestige car financing. Our facilities are not only boosted by the amount of expertise we have in this area, but also by the relationships we have with some of the UK’s finest finance lenders that allow us to offer the best rates in the business.

We work with the likes of Alphera Financial Services, Close Motor Finance and Blackhorse Finance when helping you to get the best prestige car finance quote available. If you're interested in a car, feel free to fill in a finance enquiry form on the model you're interested in or simply contact us with your requirements.

In order to give you as much versatility as possible when looking for prestige car finance, we believe it’s important to be able to offer you a great deal of flexibility. To achieve this, we can do financing through any of the following methods:

Hire Purchase (HP): This process of financing your prestige car allows for a low deposit and fixed monthly payments. Terms for HP run from 12-60 months and do not require a large final payment to make the car your own.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)/Lease Purchase: Perfect for those who change cars every two-three years, PCP and lease purchase deals typically give you lower fixed monthly payments than HP, as most of the car’s value is tied up in an optional balloon payment at the end of the contract. PCP also gives you more options come the end of the term agreed.

Variable Rate Finance: This is an ideal method for those with a high net worth or are self employed and is usually taken as an option for those after low monthly payments and a car worth over £25,000.

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