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One of the largest manufacturers in the world and part of the big four in Germany, Audi has become one of the staples in offering high quality vehicles and is now on a mission to fill every gap in the market with various niche models.

Audi is best know for its luxury saloons and coupes such as the A5, A6 and A8, but it’s the likes of the RS4, RS6 and R8 where it gets truly exciting. If you’re looking to sell such a model, then we’d be happy to buy such Audi examples from you for either a lump sum or on a sale and return basis.

Selling your Audi with Stoneacre Specialist

When selling your car with Stoneacre Specialist, you will be able to get a completely free valuation for your vehicle and there is absolutely no obligation to accept our offer.

There are several elements we take into account when valuing your prestige car, including the car’s age, mileage and overall condition. We always look to give you the fairest and most accurate valuation when you come to Stoneacre Specialist to sell your Audi with us and we offer an honest and transparent selling experience.

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It’s easy to get a free, no obligation valuation with Stoneacre Specialist; just enter your car’s registration and a few contact details and we’ll back in contact about selling your Audi in no time with an accurate and fair valuation.